Les Jeux Sont Faits IV

‘Les Jeux Sont Faits’ opens Maison Bertaux, Soho, 14th September

During this period of lockdown an interior landscape has become as important as the inaccessible exterior world. ‘Les Jeux Sont Faits’ translates as ‘the game is in play’ and is called by a croupier before spinning the roulette wheel. ‘Les Jeux Sont Faits’ also has the general meaning that things have reached an irreversible point; you cannot go back once you have begun.

These paintings were made in a time of seismic uncertainty; playing cards often feature in Still Life Vanitas paintings where they represent chance, gambling, luck and danger. The bird paintings are based on pigeons seen massing in Deptford Market and are meant to indicate an anxiety about crowds. In many of the paintings there is an interest in pattern; in fluttering wings and flying cards, perhaps a desire to impose some predictability and order where there is none.